Light Enough Crank Pulley


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The Light Enough Crank pulley provides you with features and benefits that most pulley manufacturers haven't even thought of yet. 

The focus was actually making it as heavy as an aluminum pulley can be. I don't like the featherweight pulleys on the market. I prefer to retain rotating mass on the crankshaft.
I also know:
1. People love to get a boost in instant throttle response. 
2. Builders want a pulley they can actually balance.
3. Drivers want a pulley that isn't going to separate over time or at high RPM.
So I created the 2.9# Lite-e-nuff pulley. Light and strong enough for all those benefits and heavy enough not to cause problems.

AND for those who want more weight, I have a bolt on weight system that will be available in a few more weeks. The pulley can be as heavy as 8lbs if you so wanted. Stock is 5.7#

AND for those who want a damper that does just a little more than the other name brand dampers, I have a bolt on 1.5way viscous damper coming a few weeks after that.