GDT1 EJ Cam Seal Install Tool

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GDT and Tier One are proud to offer our Cam Seal Installation tool. A few weeks ago, Chase said to me "We need a good cam seal install tool, the rest of the tools on the market are weak"  (or something like that).  So I hit the CAD drawing board with the intent on designing the best cam seal install tool on the market.  Honestly, I think I nailed that shiz. 

Cam seal installation can be an easy task, or it can be a hard task. Sometimes they go in nice and straight and sometimes they go rogue; sometimes they go the perfect depth and sometimes they go too deep.  
This tool fixes all that. It has a quick and easy to install guide pin that keeps the seal tool perfectly centered and straight. The tool itself has the correct offset built into the face to ensure the seal is the perfect depth every time. The knurled finish provides excellent grip and reduces slips and drops. 

The Tool is anodized aluminum and the pin is steel. The handle has an internal hex designed to allow you to turn in or remove the guide pin with the tool, reducing the need for other tools. The clearance from the guide to the tool is so precise, it only allows 0.13 degrees of wobble, preventing any misalignment of the cam seal. Just be sure to keep it lubricated!

Watch the video where Chase and Tanner explain the operation of the tool. 


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