GDT Race Tech Dry Sump Pulley


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40.00 Ounces
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Track driven Subarus truly benefit from a dry sump oil pump. Dry Sump oil pumps benefit from being driven off the crankshaft and not the timing belt. 
Driving a pump off the timing belt increases belt stretch and throws off cam timing on the left cylinder bank. Also, small pulleys with small mounting solutions provide less belt contact and increased chances of failure. This pulley is designed to allow people the opportunity to change their timing belt driven pump to a crankshaft driven pump. 

This pulley is compatible with the revolutionary DomTune Dry Sump system (coming soon) and the Dailey Engineering dry sump system. 

This pulley has 40 teeth and a 40T pump pulley should be purchased for your pump to maintain the same speed relationship (1:1). A smaller pulley can be purchased to increase the pump speed, but be aware of the manufacturer's speed/RPM limits. Do not run this pulley with the normal, small pulley on your pump or an overspeed condition will occur. 

This pulley eliminates the AC belt grooves and converts them to a 20mm wide 8M HTD/GT4 belt profile. GT4 belt is recommended.