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Nearly 8 years ago Dominic brought the Subaru cam failure issue to the public and received tons of skepticism and criticism. Cam companies didn't want to acknowledge the issue and some builders were pretending it didn't exist in hopes of protecting their profit margins and reputations. Soon it was widespread knowledge and cam companies were forced to to something. While none of them got it totally figured out, they did improve their products which resulted in a reduction of cam failures. However, they still happen too often. 

The problem? In short, it's a lack of oil retention on the lobe and bucket. The reason though is a culmination of many other factors. Over the last 7 years, Dominic has been running his fix with ZERO cam failures on hundreds of sets of cams. He has shared his knowledge with a few select shops and they too have been having a perfect no-cam-failure record since. 

Taking that process and expanding on it has produced a cam with multiple features that NO OTHER CAM ON THE MARKET HAS. 

With direct to lobe oiling to improve oil supply and a specific lobe treatment to improve oil retention, Dominic was not only able to reduce failures to near zero, but also add in a faster ramp rate than any shelf spec cam without fear of causing issues.  The increased ramp rate provides more duration at mid lift than anything available for these engines and produces HUGE power gains across the RPM range. 

Not only do the cams have direct to lobe oiling, edge treatments and an increased ramp rate, but they also have a staggered opening of the intake valves to increase swirl, charge efficiency and fuel atomization. These features result in outstanding throttle response and low end torque for a cam of this size while offering a heftier top end than cams with more lift or total duration.  As if that wasn't enough, the cams are designed in a way that allows full use of AVCS with aftermarket pistons*.  This allows the tuner to program large levels of overlap or none at all, unlike many other cam profiles on the market. 

These cams are initially cut by Kelford in New Zealand and then undergo 4 additional processes here in the USA. 

Enjoy the power and peace of mind that only Dom's custom cams can provide you. 

Available in USDM (up to V10) and JDM (up to V9) Trigger patterns. 

*Proper quench height must be established and piston to valve clearance should always be verified.