• Cylinder 4 Chamber Cooling System


    Cylinder 4 Chamber Cooling System

     Industry first (and patent pending) DOHC EJ Cylinder 4 Combustion Chamber Cooling kit increases coolant flow in the LH head to improve reliability by reducing detonation causing hot spots, reducing EGT delta and improving overall cooling system...

  • Light Enough Crank Pulley


    Light Enough Crank Pulley

    The Light Enough Crank pulley provides you with features and benefits that most pulley manufacturers haven't even thought of yet.  The focus was actually making it as heavy as an aluminum pulley can be. I don't like the featherweight pulleys on the...

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  • Cam Lobe Treatment

    Cam Lobe Treatment

    Have your cam lobes treated to drastically reduce the likelihood of cam lobe failure. 7 years of doing this treatment and NOT ONE CAM FAILURE since. Purchase here online, then send an email to dominic@getadomtune.com and send your cams to me...

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