• Dom's Dry Sump Pulley

    Dom's Dry Sump Pulley

    Track driven Subarus truly benefit from a dry sump oil pump. Dry Sump oil pumps benefit from being driven off the crankshaft and not the timing belt. Driving a pump off the timing belt increases belt stretch and throws off cam timing on the left...

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  • Cam Lobe Treatment

    Cam Lobe Treatment

    Have your cam lobes treated to drastically reduce the likelihood of cam lobe failure. 7 years of doing this treatment and NOT ONE CAM FAILURE since. Purchase here online, then send an email to dominic@getadomtune.com and send your cams to me...

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  • LS Rocker Spacers

    LS Rocker Spacers

    The use of longer LSx valves, short travel or mechanical lifters and shaft mounted rockers can sometimes leave you in between available (or lengthy backordered) push rod lengths. These laser jet shims are available in 2 sizes to allow you to mix and...

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