Engine Components

  • GDT1 EJ Cam Seal Install Tool


    GDT1 EJ Cam Seal Install Tool

    GDT and Tier One are proud to offer our Cam Seal Installation tool. A few weeks ago, Chase said to me "We need a good cam seal install tool, the rest of the tools on the market are weak"  (or something like that).  So I hit the CAD drawing...

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  • Light Enough Crank Pulley


    Light Enough Crank Pulley

    The Light Enough Crank pulley provides you with features and benefits that most pulley manufacturers haven't even thought of yet.  The focus was actually making it as heavy as an aluminum pulley can be. I don't like the featherweight pulleys on the...

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  • MPS/Manley 2mm longer Connecting Rods for EJ

    MPS/Manley 2mm longer Connecting Rods for EJ

    2mm longer rods for your EJ provide less piston skirt loading, better dwell, more power, more longevity and higher RPM capability. Replace those weak stock rods with something that can handle 10k rpm. Build a long rod 2.0, 2.5 or a destroked 2.34L...

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  • Dom's Fail Free Custom Cams


    Dom's Fail Free Custom Cams

    Nearly 8 years ago Dominic brought the Subaru cam failure issue to the public and received tons of skepticism and criticism. Cam companies didn't want to acknowledge the issue and some builders were pretending it didn't exist in hopes of protecting their...

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  • Dom's Dry Sump Pulley


    Dom's Dry Sump Pulley

    Track driven Subarus truly benefit from a dry sump oil pump. Dry Sump oil pumps benefit from being driven off the crankshaft and not the timing belt. Driving a pump off the timing belt increases belt stretch and throws off cam timing on the left...

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